About Lee

Lee Janogly is a best-selling author and long-standing diet coach and exercise teacher.

Lee Janogly is a best-selling author and long-standing diet coach and exercise teacher.

Now in her 80s, Lee wrote her book “Getting Old, Deal With It!” because she couldn’t find anything out there that told her what she wanted to read about getting old. So she went out and talked to the experts, did lots of research and then sat down to write the book. It’s been reviewed so nicely across all media that Lee is thrilled to be informing, entertaining and inspiring people of all ages that it is certainly possible to be old without BEING old. As she says, “I’m too busy to be old right now!”

As newspaper columnist Bel Mooney says: “Lee Janogly’s book made me stop and think how I feel about ageing. As a woman of a certain age (ahem), I’ve read many books on ageing, but this one is refreshing, tough-minded and refuses to take itself too seriously…there’s something funny, wise and uplifting on almost every page.”

Lee’s diet counselling and fitness philosophy

Lee has been well-known for decades for her common-sense approach to weight loss and healthy eating.  This is documented in her books and magazine articles so everyone can follow her guidelines and philosophy.  Her two most popular books ‘Stop Bingeing!’ and ‘Only Fat People Skip Breakfast’, and the irresistible little book of 50 essential diet tips ‘You don’t take orders from a biscuit’ are all available from the online shop here on the site – and of course in the best bookshops and newsagents!

As Lee says, “My method is totally different from any other weight-loss scheme in that it’s not a diet, as such. My philosophy is Living Slim and it is just that; through my books and my courses, I simply show people how to live like a slim person without feeling hungry or deprived.  People say, I tried this diet and that diet but ‘it didn’t work’.  My Living Slim approach, in teaching you to live like a slim person, is the equivalent of teaching you how to drive a car. Once you have learned it, you can’t un-learn it. You may decide not to drive for a while (or revert to old ways of eating) but you can get back into the driving seat any time you choose”.